1: Place

This first part of the course starts to develop a framework for communicating ‘Place’ building on discussions in:

  • landscape photography and landscape theory
  • psychogeography and literature on ‘walking’
  • postmodern discussions of ‘gaze’, identity and media in sociology and the arts

It considers in particular dimensions of:

  • Whose place? different perspectives and interests. Looking particularly at what might be meant by ‘the female gaze’
  • When place? places change over time – even over a few seconds – short term, long term, historical perspective and layers – the past is always present
  • Subjective perspectives:  exploration and deepening understanding over time and role of imagination
  • Imagination and how I want things to be. Selective erasure (eg cars and rubbish bins). Selective perceptions eg reading into textures.

It explores multiple perspectives and media in relation to one location: The Grand Arcade, Cambridge.

Assignment 2a Life in the Grand Arcade explores a range of different sketching and cartooning media, both physical and digital, to develops a set of new images in response to Illustration 2 Assignment 2: Spirit of Place

Assignment 2b then explores different perspectives and identity from a more socio-political perspective building on work with mixed media collage and printmaking in Printmaking 2:

  1. Project 5.1 Grand Arcade  focusing on a range of different collage perspectives on  ‘the gaze’ – particularly the ‘female gaze’
  2. Project 5.2 Arcadia Recycled
  3. Project 5.3 In Search of Arcadia