2: Edit and Amend: Landscape of Place (June 2019)

This part focuses on ‘Landscape of Place’ as a multi-layered experience of place where ‘subjective’ and ‘objective’ elements interact.

Assignment 2a Edit: Hagg Wood

Assignment 2b Amend: Bridge

Following the skills priorities indicated in my personal statement I focus on:

  • photography itself: the process of composing and image-making with iPhone and my Canon DSLR camera
  • different forms of colour, monochrome and split tone digital processing in Adobe Lightroom and NikFX
  • different photographic and artistic effects that can be produced in Photoshop

I start to investigate market possibilities for my photographs and submit selected images to stock image galleries.

I then further develop these series in Assignment 5.2 as:

  • Wish You Were Here fine art prints and cards
  • Different forms of narrative: Photobooks and animated slideshows with sound in After Effects
  • sequential narratives and different approaches to narrative
  • Selected images are then re-worked as and/or using scraperboard.