2: Journeys

This part of the course creatively explores the use of text and image in relation to journeys. I explore further ideas about ‘Place’ from part 1, but now to new places I have not been before.

Using visual communication as a means of recording and discovery I:

  • explore different forms of journey sketchbook and ways of integrating text to develop a working process that I can apply to different types of journey
  • use these sketchbooks as the basis for paintings and prints to accompany the text as printed books
  • refer to existing texts – guide books, poems, novels – and also art and cultural artefacts not only as background information but also to inspire the styles, media and some of the content of my work.
  • look at possible ways of disseminating the material through video and interactive on-line presentation.

I envisage producing work from two different types of journey:

  • Spain (November 2018) where I travel around as a tourist basing the sketchbook on photography, collage and very quick sketches and dry media drawing.
  • Orkney (June-July 2019) where I stay for much longer in a few places where I can get to know people and find out about different issues and perspectives. Sketching and painting will be part of my process of getting to know people.

In both cases iPad work will be a feature of my process in different ways. Selected images will be worked into printmaking media as print illustrations and fine art prints.

I envisage final outputs for assessment in the form of print books, e-books and/or video animation.