Natural Science

Natural Science illustration often aims to balance functionality and beauty and reflects a sense of drawing as an aesthetic activity and an observational one, of drawing as science and drawing as art. (Course Book)

For this Assignment I used work from a series of courses in botanical illustration at the Cambridge Botanic Gardens. I still have a lot to write up from this. I will be taking more courses nest year – I want to really understand the botany and plant structures behind the drawings so that I can push things further to abstraction. As well as do much more detailed and sensitive pencil, ink and crayon drawings and watercolour and oil paintings. I am planning to buy some Phlomis plants for the garden and use them as a subject to significantly improve accurate drawing from nature, and then explore a wide range of media and styles to produce a short book for Assignment 4 on self-publishing.

2.4 A Rose by Another Name: Phlomis


There is a long history of illustrators working closely with scientists, and scientists who have been skilled illustrators.

(I have a done lot more here that I have not had time to write up)

Chinese, Japanese, Arabic???

Botanical Illustration: Asian

Botanical Illustration: Western

Scientific Illustration: Contemporary Approaches

Collagraph printmakers

I am also interested in very stylised designs in Art Nouveau and Still Life painters.