3: Text and Image: Spanish Journey (September 2019)

Assignment 3: Spanish Journey revisits the principles of collage based on photographs taken from a journey to Spain in November 2019. These are then worked into as a Dan Eldon-style book.

Exercise 2.1 Visual Dynamics: Collaged Journey

This first part will explore potential interpretations and re-workings with text based on the existing images.  To indicate now possibilities.

Exercise 2.2 Finding Texts

This exercise will produce new thumbnails and images in response to a range of texts: government tourist pamphlets, travel writing and academic writing on economics and politics in Spain.

Exercise 2.3 Developing content

This exercise will revisit the many more original photos and produce new collages and gouache images.

Body of work for Assignment 3

The body of work from Assignment 3 will be a Dan Eldon-style book of my journey.