4: Audience: Cambridge (December 2019)

The project aims to significantly develop my sketching and cartooning skills and experiment with the effects of different mark-making and media on the ‘message’ including:

My evolving style/s will draw on cartooning traditions and drawing styles of illustrators like Scarfe, Searle, Briggs, Gottardo, David Shrigley, Tim Marrs, Tessa Newcomb, Olivia Lomenech Gill and selected East Anglia artists and illustrators.

I will look at two main ways of involving an audience:

  • content development – I am planning to work together with colleagues from the different countries (together with further research) to help me update and understand better the content and meanings of the images.
  • visual feedback – I will post drafts on-line and invite feedback from all my professional NGO networks as well as visual communication platforms for illustration and photography.

The assignment continues my interest in the ways that style and technique affect the interpretations by different types of audience. The body of work will explore different ways of visually representing the visible journey compared to an ‘invisible’ journey in my own imagination. Following the priorities indicated in my personal statement I will focus on:

  • collage and photomontage to produce multi-layered digital images on iPad and/or in Photoshop from  photographs
  • gouache and quick drawings from selected images
  • prints in different printmaking media

I am also very interested in the ways that style and technique affect the interpretations given to the same text and vice versa.

 Depending on audience feedback, I envisage a number of outputs:

  • a series of on-line slideshows of the photographs and illustrations
  • a black and white photobook from Kyrgyzstan
  • a Dan Eldon-style collage book from Ethiopia
  • printed cards in different printmaking media