4: Contemporary Illustration

This part of the course broadens out the media and contexts for illustration. There is now a much broader use of different media like collage and photomontage for contemporary satirical and political illustration, as well as a wide range of styles. In addition to more traditional illustration and design work in materials like paper and ceramics, these have been used to represent contemporary events. Illustration and art are viewed in many different contexts like murals and graffiti under the term ‘street art’, as well as Internet, digital publishing and ‘alternative books’.

NOTE: I had problems updating many of the portfolios for this part as there was a bug with WordPress which means that I can only access earlier versions to edit. The ones on-line and seen by my tutor are the more recent ones. I do not know why this happened, and only realised very recently this had happened. I was not able to resolve the issue without completely redoing everything at the very last minute.

The sections that have been updated are those where I have significant new work:

  • Self-publishing
  • Assignment 5: From the Edge

Research point: Social Networking 

Satirical Illustration

I looked at different styles and media for caricature and satirical illustration, including collage and use of found images. A big challenge is the rapidly changing political landscape – anything has to be very up-to-date from day to day.This is very much an area where I would like to work more. But need much more practice and skill.

Research point: Satirical illustration

Project 4.1a Caricature: Bob Geldof (could not update)

Project 4.1b Satirical illustration: Brexit Beets (slightly updated)


Based on work for Assignment 5 and Critical Review I produced two self-published books published through Blurb sent with my physical submission for assessment.


Project 4.2 a The Journey (new)

Journey cover pages
Journey cover pages

Project 4.2b Deliverance (new)

Deliverance Cover pages.

Digital illustration

Research point: Pixel Art

Project 4.3 Pixelated images on response to digital media.  (could not update)

Street Art

I used my some of my work as participatory facilitator of community visioning around gender issues. I had hoped to actually carry this through to a community mural in Ethiopia in November, and people I discussed with were enthusiastic. But unfortunately due to staff changes and consequent lack of time and budget I was not able to follow this through. It is something I hoipe to do elsewhere in future.

Research point: Street Art

Project 4.4 Street Art (not able to update)

Illustration as Object

I looked at new media – working with just paper and on ceramics. These require different ways of designing and working. But I did not have time to go into detail, and was not able to update the portfolios because of the bug.

Research point: Paper art

Research point: Ceramics

Project 4.5a Paper Circus (could not update)

Project 4.5b Contemporary Ceramics (could not update)

Assignment 4: From the Edge

Based on a diary, photographs and sketches from Aldeburgh, June 2017. This evolved from a ‘stream of consciousness’ iPad sketching idea to a much more reflective process of including iPad manipulation of found images to create narratives reflecting issues, history and folklore of Aldeburgh. These were compiled as an interactive webpage on the professional photography and illustration website I am developing: http://www.zemniimages.com/Illustration/From-the-Edge.

This assignment is where I put most of my time on this part – exploring different possibilities – but still in process to be further developed at level 3.