5: Presenting my work: Zemni 2020 (September 2020)

This final Assignment will review my ‘Zemni voice’ in the light of work during this module and the Visual Research Module,

5.1 Re-assessing my practice and finishing my work

I will review and revise the outputs from Assignments 2-4 in the light of feedback and reach some conclusions about the best forms of presentation/ changes I still need to make/further possibilities to reach a wider range of audience.

5.2 Further development

This will focus on:

  1. ‘Wish You Were here’ will aim to extend possibilities for work in UK through on a new series of attractive, amusing and thought-provoking iPad images and fine art prints around: ‘Wish You Were Here’  based on holidays in England: East Anglia, Cornwall and Peak District. This builds on earlier illustration and printmaking  projects on:
  • Aldeburgh Diary (Illustration 2) and other East Anglia holidays 2019/20
  • St Ives (Printmaking 1 and Illustration 1) and other Cornwall holidays 2019/20
  • Going North series from forthcoming holidays 2019/20

The project will focus on a set of three card series in different media, but will also develop proposals for how I might extend this into eg Walking Guides and/or short books for the UK tourist market and card series elsewhere.

2) Tales from the Edge will explore ways of finishing some of my more imaginative work from ‘imagined texture images’ with ‘edgy’ narratives around gender, environment and migration as a book and/or After Effects animations on a Zemni You Tube channel:

5.3 Talking about my practice: portfolio 

In addition to finalising the current blog, I will add relevant material from this module and other audience-relevant information to:

  • zemniimages.info portfolio blog – this would review and update my current overview of my work.

I will also produce a much simplified and streamlined portfolio for a dedicated new Adobe Portfolio site.

5.4 Self Promotion and presenting my practice

In addition to continuing to circulate on social networks for different media on Facebook and exploring the links in Exercise 4.3, I will add relevant material from this module and other audience-relevant information to:

  • zemniimages printmaking blog  (currently 1-2,000 visitors a month) – this would add further details of printmaking techniques based on my work in this module. Many of my visitors visit the site through links to technical information and information on other printmakers.
  • zemniimages.com my professional SMUGMUG website which currently mainly houses archives of my photography.

I will send selected work to the various on-line commercial card and print marketing sites, and approach some of the card and book shops in Cambridge and East Anglia.