6 Critical Review: Analogue Digital Workflow

I found choosing one topic quite difficult – I started by considering going into more detail on media like pencil, or more broadly Black and White, or visual Dynamics of Colour. I also thought about looking more at graphic novels and narrative. But as Assignment 2 progressed and I experimented more with my iPad, then drew on different types of workflow I had started to look at in the Hybrids project, I felt that I could incorporate at least the media explorations into this.

I have already used many different types of sequencing in the projects in Assignments 1 and 2.

  • In Hybrids in some cases I started with photographs, printed these and then painted and/or scratched into the image. In other cases I started in Illustrator and printed. In others with drawings.
  • Most of my work for Assignment 2 starts with pencil sketches or crayon drawings. These are then further developed digitally using Procreate or Photoshop, using different digital techniques and effects.
  • In Assignment 3 I am thinking of mostly start with ink or printmaking – using different ink techniques and markmaking – and then tidy up and bring together as narrative in Photoshop. Some work may be done in Illustrator, then inked.
  • In Assignment 4 I am aiming to explore collage and digital montage in more detail, using drawings and printmaking as well as manipulated photos.

I also explore different ways of combining analogue and digital techniques in my Book Design course – suing scanning and different types of paper.

Book Design Part 4: Materials and Process

Book Design Part 5: Production

Most of the other illustrators I have looked at so far have worked in a specific medium and then just tidied up in Photoshop, or worked entirely digitally. In Assignment 2 I have also looked at illustrators who combined techniques in more interesting ways in:

Architectural Illustration Approaches

I am intending to look out many more.

What I want to look at are different types of sequencing of analogue and digital workflow, focusing on a number of interlinked key questions:

  • how far can I push digital software (Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate) to make different types of mark, texture and colour?
  • what is best started digitally then printed and finished with analogue media?
  • what does different sequencing mean for the types of mark and texture recorded on location, or analogue work like printmaking? is it best to just do tonal drawings with colour notes? or to do colour drawings and paintings?

This will help me to develop a flexible range of techniques that can help me to express different subject matter in different ways, while maintaining a coherence of approach and voice.