Austin Bachelor

How to recolour Line Art.

Have all line art on one line. Can just drag and drop colour then use the adjustment sliders to alter colour,brightness etc. If you want to just draw a different colour on a selected area, select the layer and brush it over.

Which brushes do I use

Fat pencil from Mike Henry just modify size limits on technical pencil
Round brush for underpainting with opacity fall off for pressure
Charcoal block and Nikko Rull
Sometimes large soft brush for gradient
Texture brush for background. Do under[ainting select and enlarge.

Clean line art
Use studi9 pen. Vary mineweight, streamline about 30%.

How to bring in Line Art

Paintbout all around the lineart. Adjust with curves to get the paper completely white and lines as black as possible. Then set to multiply. If you lock the later you can then easily paint underneath or on top.

How to create colour variations

Put different elements on different layer. With alpha lock. And use adjustment sliders. Can drop different colours first.

How to create layers masks
Select shape with lasso create a new layer and paint over selection. Can also reverse selection in the select mode.