1.3 Creatively exploring my process

Grand Arcade, Cambridge, July 2010. Photographer: Ardfern. Wikimedia Creative Commons


Use the following prompts to start developing visual ideas in your sketchbook. Each prompt might represent 5–10 minutes of creative activity. Select three to get you going, before returning to add more stages in your process. Aim to fail and learn through the process rather than trying to create something you know you can achieve.
• Define it
• Make it bold
• Let’s look at the real thing
• Introduce time, motion and sound
• What is the key moment?
• Create a variation
• Connect play, fantasies and daydreams
• Combine seemingly arbitrary content
• Erase the distinctions between original and copy
• Consider again your motivation
• Make it obvious
• Make it ambiguous
• Remind yourself
• Bounce around at speed
• ‘We’ve got a problem, Houston’
Circle your best three ideas.

Reflect on the experience of working through this process. Where did it positively challenge the ways you normally work? What new elements might you include in your creative process in future?

Summarise your experiences and reflections for Assignment One. Think about how you describe your own creative process. How do you integrate research, convergent and divergent thinking and critique into your process?