3.1: Visual Dynamics: St Ives revisited (June)

Use the following activities as a quick warm-up to explore the physical interplay of text and image on the page. Adapt or develop the prompts in ways that work for you. Any image or any text will do, or you may want to contextualise the exercise by picking something more specific to work with, including your own illustrations or typography.

In this exercise I look back through my earlier work on St Ives to choose relevant and interesting images in St Ives for Illustration 1: Seven Days and
Printmaking 1
assignments on monoprint, linocut and collagraph.

I start by revisiting my sketchbooks for these earlier assignments and further developing some of the images in the light of Project 1.3: My Creative Design Toolkit to help me think through some of the documentary issues and themes I might explore further in the new work. And also to develop further specific media and iPad techniques suited to St Ives subject matter.

Using an image, text, a flat block of colour and a limited colour palette, create as many text and image combinations as possible.

Use some of the abstracted prints.

Use an image and a piece of text to create maximum information or detail. Next, strip back the design to maintain the same meaning or effect but with minimum visual content. Find a point between these two positions where there’s just enough information or detail.

look at some of the St Ives signage.

Create contradictory or new meanings by juxtaposing existing images and text through collage.

Use my earlier photos.