3.4a: Flick Books and animated gifs


Loosely playing within the genre of action movies, create some basic flick-book, QuickTime or animated gif animations that involve chases, shoot-outs, or any other staple of the action film. Think 007 films that only run for 10 seconds or less!

Flickbooks: find a softbound book that’s not too thick. Draw in the corner page by page; flicking the pages will then create your animation. If you don’t want to scribble in a book, simply bind your own. The choice of paper is important to get the flick working properly.

Animated gifs: do a series of drawings or take a series of photographs – remembering that the movement needs to be a stage at a time – then scan
these into the computer. Using either a basic video package such as  Movie, QuickTime Pro or Photoshop or something similar, import and play them in the order you created them. Depending on the
software you’re using, you should be able to save these files.

How-to guides
Stage-by-stage guides to making flick-books and animated gifs are available at www.flipbook.info/index_en.php


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Procreate mockup

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