4.1.3 Bridge

The second part of this assignment extends my work further to documentary photography, exploring narratives around a second bridge along the river Cam. This is not only a transition between town and country, but also socially.

The River Cam in Chesterton has long been dominated by the University rowers. Recent high tech development and the new railway station at Cambridge North mean that the area has become very upmarket – a place for joggers and walkers. Over the railway bridge it transitions to countryside with a Traveller site where many seasonal migrant workers as well as the traditional traveller community stay.

I started to explore some of these social tensions in a book called ‘Bench’ for my OCA Landscape Photography course, looking not only at the natural environment, but the interactions of people and place.

For this project I work with photographs in Black and White. Drawing on issues in ‘late’ photography and inspired partly by the book ‘Edgelands’.