4.1 World Affairs


Working with a contemporary news event, create an illustration that comments on it from a satirical perspective. Think about how you structure this image. What information do you need to give the viewer in order for them to understand the context in which this image should be read? In other words, how do you connect your image to your chosen event? Think about how you use symbolism and metaphor in the image.

Use caricature to help you identify who’s in your illustration. You may want to use collage to do this or work with your drawing

Test out your illustrations on somebody else. Did they understand what you were trying to do? You may want to modify your approach if they’re
struggling to connect with your work, or consider adding in a caption or dialogue through speech bubbles. This might help provide more context to
your work and refer to specific comments or quotations.


Use the UN appointment of WonderWoman as UN Ambassador for women


Bare breasted Ethiopian woman with child on her back and doing lots of chores has Wonderwoman flying in to help. Husband looking on and ogling.

Wonderwoman standing in front of a very large powerful Africa woman trader.

Wonderwoman flying into a muslim household where the girl is telling her father she wants to be an army general (as in the AlJazeera Afghanistan story)

UN men choosing Wonderwoman from a lineup



Cartoon ad promotion

UN presentation on appointment and women’s human rights




UN News Centre


Other caricaturists

You might want to take a lead from William Hogarth, James Gillray or George Cruikshank on this, either by using well-established metaphors or making the connection between the contemporary and historical moment. If you decide to do this, don’t forget to cite them.