4.2 Self-Publishing


Develop a small self-published book based on an idea from your sketchbooks. Produce a small photocopied fanzine or a one-off artist’s book.

Look at your sketchbooks for ideas of work that could be developed into a self-contained narrative or collected together to form a publication. For example, it could be a character you have developed, a particular style of working or a series of drawings on a similar theme.

How would you title your work and how does this title feed back into the development of your idea?

Once you’ve finished your publication, reflect on it in your learning log. What sort of audience do you think would be interested in your work?


Do links from Book Design and Photography.

On-line (see Bob Geldoff) and zemni website.

Blurb etc

What is different about an artist’s book?

Phlomis and Botanical Illustration

Glue Drawings/Cities