4.2 Self-Publishing


Develop a small self-published book based on an idea from your sketchbooks. Produce a small photocopied fanzine or a one-off artist’s book.

Look at your sketchbooks for ideas of work that could be developed into a self-contained narrative or collected together to form a publication. For example, it could be a character you have developed, a particular style of working or a series of drawings on a similar theme.

Giving a title to your work  publications should have a title and a subtitle (sometimes called a strap line). One of these elements needs
to be descriptive, while the other is more about the unique identity of the piece. Usually the title is more evocative than the descriptive strap line. How would you title your work and how does this title feed back into the development of your idea?

Once you’ve finished your publication, reflect on it in your learning log. What sort of audience do you think would be interested in your work?

Initial ideas

For this project I had many ideas. Those I did not select I am aiming to take forward further at level 3 of my degree.

Idea 1: Carnival – the big escape: Using material from Aldeburgh carnival from Project 2.1b Drawing on location .  There would be a possible tourist market in Aldeburgh, attached to the carnival itself and the stall as well as local bookshops. This was the idea I originally submitted to my tutor, working on my earlier sketches as a potential 10-spread layout around the idea of ‘Escape’. I intended to develop it further with some new sketches from Aldeburgh carnival June 2017. However our motorhome broke down and I was unable to go back in 2017. For the exploratory work see gallery and end of post:  Aldeburgh carnival from Project 2.1b Drawing on location . I am planning to work much more on Aldeburgh for a publication and cards – building on things started also in Assignment 4 – as part of my work for Level 3.

Idea 2: Phlomis :   portait of a flower – developing different ways of drawing and illustrating flowers using my work on botanical illustration and digital abstraction from Project 2.3 A Rose by another Name . There is a potential market for such a short book to the many tourists and people visiting the gardens – the abstraction and digital images being rather different from the traditional and very professional watercolour art that is normally portrayed. I went to another course on botanical drawing in November in the Cambridge Botanic Gardens, but this was outside the flowering season. I now plan to buy a Phlomis and other architectural plants for the garden next year and work on these ideas on a bigger scale for Level 3 of the degree.  Both as a way of significantly improving my drawing skills in different media, and for different outputs as cards and eventually a book.

Idea 3: Thin Cities : sticky tales developing the techniques of glue drawingdeveloped as part of Assignment 1: Invisible Cities: Octavia. I would do a series of glue drawings and designs digitally processed as narrative based on the different Thin Cities in the same book. Thinking about this further, I decided this would probably be best as an on-line animation rather than a book because of potential for changing the lighting etc. Or to write my own text for a similar type of narrative and drawing style.

E-pub ideas

While I was waiting for tutor feedback on Assignment 4 I had begun producing the collages and experimenting with watercolour, gouache and Procreate for Assignment 5 and my iPad review for Assignment 6. As part of this I became interested in ways of blending random marks into narratives.

Both still need further work and tonal/colour correction in Photoshop and layout with some minimum text in InDesign. There is a very limited market for short paper publications, unless they are very cheaply printed or for children or by someone established and famous. So (unlike a pamphlet publication on Aldeburgh Carnival) a short book would probably not be commercially viable. But they could be successful as on-line publications as interactive e-pubs to promote my other work, with page transitions and music where viewers can zoom in to look at textures etc. Drawing on my skills developed in Assignment 4.

!!!The on-line books will be inserted here

Idea 4: Journey  full post

Idea 5: Deliverance full post