4.5 Contemporary Ceramics

You’ve been asked to create a range of illustrations for contemporary ceramics that draws on the visual history and symbolism of pottery in some way. You can start with any historical period, draw on any tradition of image-making within ceramics, or perhaps make reference
to the symbolism and visual storytelling of the blue and white Willow pattern, but you need to bring this up to date through your own illustrations.
Create work within the context of plates, cups, saucers, teapots or vases. Either find cheap white ceramics to work on directly or mock up your work via Photoshop. It’s a good idea to work at the same scale as the ceramics themselves, so you may need to increase the scale of your line to make your illustrations larger and bolder.
In your learning log reflect on the experience of applying your llustrations to a surface other than paper. What did this opportunity offer you and how can you take what you’ve learned back into your paper-based work?


Using contemporary GALS drawings as the basis for Ethiopian pottery design. Like stylised African Cave paintings.

For example Gender Balance Tree and/or diamonds on a cup or coffee pot. Using marker colours, with Ethiopian style.


Ethiopian Pottery

Ethiopian Art: Traditional

Ethiopian Art: Contemporary

Grayson Perry

Edmund de Waal