4.5 Paper Circus

The circus is coming to town! Create a poster advertising what’s on, where and when, but only use paper to do it. Use coloured paper, work with collage, cutting and layering, folding or sculpting. Be creative in your approach to image-making and typography. Scan or photograph your final piece and reflect on how the limitation of only being able to use one
material has affected how creative you can be. Was this limitation a help or a hindrance?
Reflect on the results in your learning log.


I do not like the idea of using circus animals so I wanted to focus on human circus performers – acrobats and clowns. With an African/Ethiopian focus. But possibly also drawing on African religious traditions of dance puppets to represent animals.


There was a UNESCO celebration of African circus performers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in  2015. The videos from this gave a lot of material.

African Circus

Paper Art



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