5.2.1 Wish You Were Here: Aldeburgh Carnival

The first type of narrative is a simple time narrative series of an event. I took the series of photographs I took for Illustration 2 Project 4.3 Paper Circus – the only photographs I had taken of Aldeburgh with my DSLR camera. I edited into two time-based narratives of the carnival rides and carnival procession. Using this as a focus for exploring traditional editorial processing of colour photographs in Adobe LIghtroom.

Photo series 1: The Great Aldeburgh Escape: Carnival 2016

Looking at different narrative considerations in different formats in terms of length and sequencing.

I started by selecting and editing my photos and ordering them to make a narrative. How to do the captions?

I experimented with Lightroom slideshow module. Here are single images and need to stand inj their own right. The issue is sequencing, particularly vusally. But limited memory on content. Should the viewer control or not?

Edited down further and set to music. This is still too long. There is not enough control in Lightroom itself. But useful for very quick slideshows instead of inbuilt Jetpack carousel. It is possible to add the captions, but very limited layout and looked really cheesy. No control over audio.

And with the Lightroom book module. Here there is much more time. Issue is juxtaposition.

Great Escape Photobook

Photo series 2: The carnival procession

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