5.2.1 Wish You Were Here: Aldeburgh: Morning Light

The second type of narrative is time-based from a series of photos from a morning walk in July 2015. This is the nearest to a ‘flaneur’ treatment. I had just got my first iPhone with something approaching a reasonable camera – I thought. So I set off full of enthusiasm and the new freedom of being able to take photographs without looking too much like a photographer. I also enjoyed experimenting with the square format that was not possible with my normal cameras. Unfortunately when I got back and viewed the pictures on my pc, the quality was not as good as promised in the iPhone adverts.

Slideshow of my iPhone images

Nevertheless, with a little processing in Lightroom they do produce a sort of narrative of Aldeburgh early morning light and life.

The square format could also be interesting as a new digital format book printed at a small size – roughly the size below as a mini-book if I could find a printer.

Aldeburgh: Morning Light first draft (to see book layout change the file to 2 page view in Acrobat Reader)