5.3 Presenting yourself


Reflect on the work you have produced so far on this course. Pick out a range of pieces that best express who you are as an illustrator and which show off your image-making strengths. These could be finished assignments, exercises or ideas that have developed out of your sketchbooks. Find a suitable way
to present this body of work as a portfolio.
Think about how you’ll describe these pieces of work. What would you say about them if asked?

My professional website

I have an illustration section on my professional website for my photography and art: http://www.zemniimages.com/illustration hosted by SMUGMUG. I recently upgraded to the business package. I am aiming to use this – linked to various social network and other commercial sites (See Post on Social Networking – but need to develop further) – to start to promote cards and other types of download.

At this stage in my development as an illustrator it is more realistic to focus on:

  • on-line promotion – a gallery of short interactive animations/ slideshows/ videos and e-books that are cheap, but showcase colours and textures in my images and can be enhanced by music and some animation.
  • selected cards for sale through my SMUGMUG website and other outlets. My sister-in-law has a small card business and I will meet her to discuss this.

At level 3 I could possibly think about producing more images on Cambridge and/or Aldeburgh and/or botanical drawing/abstraction for book publication.

The main projects that I would further substantially develop as on-line portfolios and animations and then showcase are:

Part 1


To develop into an on-line slideshow with some sound effects and description of the imaginary creatures.

Glue Drawings

To compile a slideshow with a loose narrative with some text, animation and music. Maybe making my own text in the style of Invisible Cities.

Part 2


to develop as cards and packing design. I want to do some pixellation images, and Japanese-style sketches in SketchClub.

A Sense of Place: images of Cambridge

Think of producing these as cards. I am hoping to do many more sketches and produce a sketchbook for publication and sale in tourist bookshops in my work at Level 3.

Part 3

I am doing a course in East Asian painting in October/November and am planning to develop the Japan images further.

Frog in a well


To develop as a 1 page narrative in Medibang Paint.


I want to redraw these and do a sort of short flickbook animation – linked to my zemni avatar.

The Nose

To redraw with Zen brushes, either on paper with ink and then coloured, or in SketchClub Zen Brushes then develop as a 3 page narrative in Medibang paint and slideshow of background sketches. Possibly a short animation.

Part 4 Contemporary Illustration

Brexit Beets

To develop as cards in David Shriggley style


As a short slideshow animation with music and maybe some text.


As a short slideshow animation with music and maybe some text. Maybe develop the images as ‘alternative’ Xmas cards.

Aldeburgh cards

With some more sketches in autumn and winter.


Aldeburgh in textures

Animated slideshow with sound effects and music.

Part 5

Oromia Reflected

To publish as a short e-book in Blurb.  I do not think there would be a big enough market for a book – even if it were good enough. Cost would be an issue because of the need for good quality printing. But it would make a good promotional e-book accessible to people in Ethiopia as well as NGO community more widely. Possibly an interactive animation as a journey with music.

Oromia Reflected pdf

Part 6 Review

iPad patterns as cards and maybe an animated slideshow.