5.3 Presenting yourself


Reflect on the work you have produced so far on this course. Pick out a range of pieces that best express who you are as an illustrator and which show off your image-making strengths. These could be finished assignments, exercises or ideas that have developed out of your sketchbooks. Find a suitable way
to present this body of work as a portfolio.
Think about how you’ll describe these pieces of work. What would you say about them if asked?

My professional website

I have an illustration section on my professional website for my photography and art: http://www.zemniimages.com/illustration hosted by SMUGMUG. I recently upgraded to the business package. I am aiming to use this – linked to various social network and other commercial sites (See Post on Social Networking – but need to develop further) – to start to promote cards and other types of download.

At this stage in my development as an illustrator it is more realistic to focus on:

  • on-line promotion – a gallery of short interactive animations/ slideshows/ videos and e-books that are cheap, but showcase colours and textures in my images and can be enhanced by music and some animation.
  • selected cards for sale through my SMUGMUG website and other outlets. My sister-in-law has a small card business and I will meet her to discuss this.

At level 3 I could possibly think about producing more images on Cambridge and/or Aldeburgh and/or botanical drawing/abstraction for book publication.

The main projects that I would further substantially develop as on-line portfolios and animations and then showcase are presented on that website: