5.3 Presenting yourself

I have an illustration section on my professional website for my photography and art: http://www.zemniimages.com/illustration. Hosted by SMUGMUG.

I uploaded earlier illustrations to there from Level 1 and Parts 1 and 2 of this course. But since a reorganisation of disks and software updates on my computer, I am currently experiencing problems uploading images from my Lightroom file editor and organiser to smugmug. That will be sorted out after I get back from holiday.  

I recently upgraded to the business package and will fully reorganise this site – archiving old images that are not my best so they are still accessible for work purposes where people need images of specific things but are not so worried about image quality. And showcasing the best work properly.

I am aiming to use this – linked to various social network and other commercial sites (See Post on Social Networking – but need to develop further) – to start to promote cards and other types of download. My sister-in-law has a small card business and I will meet her to discuss this. I also need to discuss with other professional printers in Cambridge and on-line.

There are also here potentially a number of small books/print publications that I might use to explore different self-publishing outlets and printing processes, as well as revisiting with my improved digital skills from A6 Review.

  • Thin Cities
  • Phlomis (A6 focus)
  • Aldeburgh by theSea (with an iPad)
  • Deliverance
  • Journey
  • Omomia Reflected

The main projects that I would further substantially develop and then showcase are:

Part 1

  • Glue Drawings – I want to do more on these. Maybe as a short book on ‘Thin Cities’ for Project 4.2. If I have time.
  • Hybrids – I plan a series of these redoing the sketches and working on these digitally now I understand digital painting better.

Part 2

  • Phlomis a short book using my sketches and paintings (maybe do some more) to explore a full range of digital styles from Zen to pixelisation and mosaics. Playing also with colour. Planned as part of A6 Review. Can also be reproduced as cards.
  • A Sense of Place: images of Cambridge – more sketches and do 5 images. Think of producing these as cards.

Part 3

  • Bamboocutter I am planning to use this to explore black and white iPad styles much more as part of A6 Review. As a short animation if I have time, but that is not priority.
  • The Nose  Redone in more manga/Zen style (I am signing up for a course in East Asian Art to develop my Zen Ink skills and am learning iPad cartooning software like Medibang Paint. Sketchclub also has really nice Zen Brushes) As a short animation if I have time, but that is not priority.

Part 4

  • Brexit Beets ( if I have time)
  • Aldeburgh by the Sea (to be developed on holiday and over the autumn/winter) paintings from life and/or photographs for various outputs: large A3/A2 gicle paintings to experiment with print output on quality papers building on my photography skills, cards, video? and maybe Blurb book of digital paintings? (Aldeburgh with an iPad)
  • Possible cards from the abstract landscapes

Part 5

to publish as book, with associated web pages on context. The kaleidoscope tessalations and some of the gouache/coloured crayon paintings might make nice cards.