Assignment 2: 3 Cambridge Autumn

It was autumn when I started this project. Autumn could have been windy, with movement and people holding onto hats, or melancholy. But the best sketching time was a series of beautiful sunny crisp autumn days towards the mid/end of October when the leaves had turned and just starting to fall. Lots of people playing and sitting in the sunshine. And warm enough to sketch.

So I did sketches in different mixed media – watercolour, pastel, oil pastel, pencil, ink – to explore possibilities, covering a number of elements around me.

I am quite pleased with the final result, and have had good feedback from my tutor and other people I have shown it to. I could see if I can make the other three images more vibrant and with a similar texture through using watercolour as the basis. Or I could make the seasonal contrasts more obvious.

Autumn trees






Composition sketches for final image

Video of first version of the final image development in Procreate

Final crops compared

The final image cropped off part of the left side and brings the image in a bit through adjusting the different layers, and also lightening the yellow to make a more vibrant image.

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