Assignment 2: 4 Cambridge Winter

Winter was the most problematic because of the cold for sketching particularly with RSI.

Sometimes the light is really beautiful and I had some nice photos.

But I was not able to get many sketches – partly also because winter is the time I travel a lot for work.

Idea 1: Round Church

This was the image sent to my tutor, based on a few sketches of people and the corner by the Round Church – a good place to sit.

I also took photos of the architecture and people for reference

But I could not get the image to work using the same techniques as before because the sketches were not so dynamic. I wanted it to look bright and welcoming, so did not want to tone things down too much.

Idea 2) Reindeer Christmas

But the following Xmas as I was preparing for assessment, I went into town one day and there was a reindeer event run by some local shops – just for the day. This was really colourful with distinctive winter feel. So I decided to do a completely new image.

I did some sketches, working also in watercolour and crayon later from reference photos.

Final image

This made a more interesting and seasonal image. But as with the others, I experimented a lot with details of the composition. The final image cropped quite strongly to bring the image in for more impact. But as this was very near to assessment deadlines I could not finish the image and sort out issues with the ink lines – it really needs redrawing.