4.2 Deliverance

I am thinking of using this book and Journey instead of Aldeburgh carnival for Project 4.2 Self-publishing. It developed out of my doodles to explore colour mixing in gouache for the Oromia book because I needed to see how my limited gouache tubes could make good dark blacks and greens, or whether I would need to buy more. I was also experimenting with differences in mark making with different brushes between watercolour (that I have done before) and gouache (which is pretty new). My flat brush daubs began to suggest people and landscapes, and some of the blues and other colours are quite vivid – like a nativity scene and flight from Egyp. The I put these into Procreate and started to experiment. And liked the effects. I first though of some Xmas cards from the first two images (further manipulated in Photoshop) together with cards from the light landscapes to go weith some of my Aldeburgh abstract landscapes. Then a narrative book.

To take this further I need to rephotograph and reprocess at least the first image if it is to be reproduced at any scale. I can also think more about photographing with directional light to give more atmosphere. There has been too much rain and little light to do good photos enlarging such small marks.


Deliverance Coversmall


Original gouache colour mixing experiments.

Image crops of landscapes and people from these.