4.2 Journey

I am thinking of using this book and Redemption instead of Aldeburgh carnival for Project 4.2 Self-publishing.

Journey is the first short  picture book from watercolour and gouache doodles from the Oromia book. It is based on a narrative based on crops from one A2 watercolour doodle around my feelings of the burned out lorries in Oromia, Ethiopia. In some parts of the page there are remains of the glue and paper fragments from photos I had removed, these add some more textural 3D effects.

So far I like the general idea and find the colour bleeds very evocative. But I need to re-photograph the images with my SLR in high resolution, thinking about the direction of lighting on the page. Then process and tweak the images in Photoshop with a properly calibrated monitor. Some images will stay dark and a little blurry. Others I will brighten, sharpen and increase texture and saturation. On a couple of images I may try to cut and paste elements, but watercolour is much more tricky to do this with  and these images have much less processing than the other two books I experimented with (Out of Paradise and Flight). Colour management and selctive blur/sharpening in Photoshop will be key.

But – as the combinations and permutations of crops from one page is almost infinite it is necessary first to clarify the narrative and what I am about to achieve in terms of overall style and feel.

For details of each image and spread, and how I am thinking of proceeding click on the image for the Attachment Page, that also enables the full size image.

Journey Coversmall


Original image

Original A2

Some colour experiments in Procreate