Skills and Media

What software do you currently use? How would you measure your proficiency?

Issue is RSI for prolonged and professional use. I understand how the  software works and easily learn new software. Need better laptop to use ipad as graphics tablet to use pc high memory software without sitting at pc.







Corel Painter









Sketchbook Pro



Premiere Pro

Advanced beginner

After Effects

Medibang Paint




  • What short-term improvements would you like to see in your use of software?

Main gap is design experience because I can use for prolonged periods.

Improved use of animation software.

Building up assets and brushes for Procreate, photoshop and illustrator

Better understanding of typefaces and design

What other skills do you use? How would you like to develop these?

  • Drawing and sketching from life: pencil, charcoal, crayon, oil pastel, soft pastel. I want to significantly improve the fluency and expressiveness of my drawing in all these media. Drawing particularly on Zen styles. I am particularly interested in monochrome tonal work drawing on principles of Notan.
  • Printmaking : monoprint, collagraph, drypoint, linocut, woodcut, screenprinting. I want to continue to develop my skills in all the above
  • Collage: better understanding of visual dynamics, use of edges and mixed media and professional finishing
  • Painting: Watercolour, Gouache, Ink, Acrylic, Oil. Chinese and Japanese ink painting
  • Photography :central to my concept development as photos or photomontage. Also photographing textures and materials to make images.
  • Participatory design and visual communication – from my professional work
  • Web design – understand coding using html and css but need to learn javascript and improve basic design skills.


What aspects of contemporary practice would you like to develop? What skills might you need to achieve this?

  • Caricature and cartooning like Scarfe of political events and documentary
  • Information graphics – are on-line courses
  • Animation with adobe animate – practice and watching and analysing more flash animation
  • Video – need to update skills
  • Online web experiences
  • E-books


What skills do you think you need to develop?

  • Basic graphic design skills in layout etc. My approach is still pretty clunky.
  • Javascript and update html5
  • Typography


What would you like to do that you’ve not done yet?

Kitchen lithography

Sugar etching