Scientific Illustration: Contemporary Approaches

To be done – not only botanical

Photography and other lens-based media like fibre-optic cameras, x-rays, remote cameras and video and new methods like magnetic resonance imaging have extended the ways in which we are able to see the world – for example freezing motion, capturing at distance and/or  microscopically, giving views of ‘reality’ beyond out senses.  Some illustrators are beginning to build on these new technologies in their illustration.

Some illustrators use stylised forms and flat colours:

Other sources to explore:

Wellcome Trust: a global charity that supports biomedical research into human and animal health.  The Wellcome Collection – a London-based gallery and online resource explores the connections between medicine, life and art in the past, present and future.

Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, Kew Gardens

Society of Botanical Artists : on-line gallery 

Penny Price

Eden project

Cambridge Botanic Gardens