Street Art

Research point
Identify examples of street art on the walls near you. If you live in a rural community this might be a problem as street art tends to be largely an urban phenomenon. If necessary, pick some examples from the references below or through your own research.
Write a short commentary about how this work interacts with the environment. How important is the context to understanding what the work is trying to do? Reflect on whether you think a particular piece of graffiti is ‘art’ or just vandalism.
Use your learning log to document your reflections.

Artists online


Blu: Large-scale illustrations spanning wall pieces, animations and sketchbook work

Lucy McLauchlan: Contemporary artist working on large-scale illustrative pieces

Street Art in Lisbon

Crono Project: Large-scale street art project in Lisbon

Wooster Collective Celebrating street art

Banksy: Stencils and other interventions

Slinkachu: The Little People Project

Photocopy/poster artist

Invader: Space invader-inspired mosaics

Jorge Rodriguez Gerada: Large-scale drawings

Ben Eine:  Large-scale typography

Ericailcane: Large-scale illustrative work

JR: Giant photography pieces

Camilla Watson: Photography printed onto walls

Bast: Street collage and posters

Knitta: Documenting guerilla knitting around the

Edgar Mueller: 3D pavement chalk drawings

Sam3: Large-scale murals

Scrawl Collective: A network of grafitti and street artists
working on paper

Street Art Utopia: A blog documenting street art from around
the world

Suggested reading

Gavin, Francesca (2007) Street Renegades: New Underground Art
London: Laurence King.

Street art covered by The Guardian