Helen Goldberg



‘I often start out using the roller brush and try to create interesting textures, colors as ground for my painting. Sometimes I will set down a gold or other background roughly in ArtRage and then take it to iColorama to change its texture and reimport it to ArtRage. That allows me to create images that remind me of medieval or Japanese paintings on gold leaf. Sometimes I experiment with using the water color brush on an oil painting. It creates a whole new medium that’s not possible in the same way with physical paints.

Often when I paint, I’ll start with a mental impression of an artist I like. I don’t try to copy them, but I will incorporate some aspect that intrigues me. I’ll look at the calligraphic lines in Kline, use of gold leaf in Klimt, or depiction of sunlight in Turner and work it into my painting.



VERY preliminary experiments, curtailed by RSI. To be applied to relevant projects in the course. See Review.

ArtRage has a variety of brushes, pencils, crayons, rollers, and pastels. It has:

  • an interesting oil tube option, that can be smeared into a textured oil painting.
  • watercolour brushes which can produce some striking effects.
  • a variety of canvas presets and paper options that alter the texture of the brushes. These can be altered as an image progresses so that multiple textures can be applied in the same image.
  • roughness of  paper can be adjusted so your pencils can be used for soft shading.
  • range of Layer Blend Modes
  • photos can be imported and converted to oil for smearing or use as reference images, or trace over images.
  • paints can be mixed with one another on the canvas

Drawings can be recorded for later viewing on the desktop.

Tutorials from You Tube

Basic tutorial series from ‘the Theatre Professor’