Book and magazine covers


Pick a range of examples of book or magazine covers that use illustration and discuss how the relationship between image and text works:

  • How does the typography of the title, author and other details interplay with the illustration?
  • What’s the relationship between type and image?
  • Identify examples where the illustrator has created space in their image to accommodate the typography, and other examples where this relationship is less successful.
  • Can you find examples where the type and image are pulling in the same direction – where they’ve supported each other successfully?

some examples:
Shell Book of Roads 1964
50,000 Dollars Ernest Hemingway 1950
The Catcher in the Rye J D Salinger 1951
The Unnamable Samuel Beckett 1958
Victorian Panorama Peter Quennell 1937

Tom Burns

Source: website (but this does not have the work I like).

Between Clarke and Hilldale

Tom Burns is a London based Illustrator. His work combines digital techniques with collage and the use of more traditional screen-printing processes. He has worked for a range of international clients in advertising, publishing, editorial and design. His clients include The Folio Society, BBC, British Heart Foundation, The Globe & Mail, Harvard Business Review, Readers Digest, The Boston Globe, Q Magazine, BBDO, Financial Times, The Guardian, John Brown publishing, Kingston University, Advocate Magazine, Advocate, Virago Press, Billboard Magazine, Serino/Coyne, National Magazine, CNN Money Magazine, American Airlines.

The images below are from my Illustration 1 logbook and no longer available on-line. They are part of my visual inspiration for Assignment 2: Cambridge and Assignment 4: Aldeburgh