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Alessandro Gottardo aka Shout is an Italian artist, illustrator and designer. His very simple and surreal ‘meaning of life’ images are very carefully controlled, generally amusing, but also very poignant.

He studied at a specialist art high school in Venice and in the Illustration department of the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milano. He creates visual art projects for advertising campaigns, design products and publishers in four continents. SHOUT images  have been featured in these following prestigious annuals: Communications Arts, American Illustrators, Society of Illustrators and 3×3 Magazine

Adam Simpson



Moby – An architectural playlist

Electronic musician, Moby, created a list of buildings and their perfect musical accompaniment. These artworks were commissioned to accompany the eight pairings.

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Film Posters

Artwork commissioned by Studio Small for BAFTA. Each artwork is inspired by one of the 5 Best Film nominees in 2011: The Kings Speech, Black Swan, True Grit, Inception and The Social Network.


A floor-to-ceiling artwork, appearing on all sides of an elevator vestibule at the ‘Boundary Hotel’, situated on Boundary Street in East London.

The artwork was devised around a grid of boundary walls. Each segment is approximately 170mm square. The aim was to take an alternative approach to dealing with the seemingly dead space of an elevator interior, by immersing the visitor in an epic artwork, which is impossible to absorb in one short trip. Each journey offers a chance to study a new scene: a geometric toile de jouy, of sorts.

Loveth Well

Artwork inspired by the final scene of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Created for Beat.

Tom Burns

Website (but this does not have the work I like).

Between Clarke and Hilldale

Tom Burns is a London based Illustrator. His work combines digital techniques with collage and the use of more traditional screen-printing processes.

He has worked for a range of international clients in advertising, publishing, editorial and design. Hic clients include The Folio Society, BBC, British Heart Foundation, The Globe & Mail, Harvard Business Review, Readers Digest, The Boston Globe, Q Magazine, BBDO, Financial Times, The Guardian, John Brown publishing, Kingston University, Advocate Magazine, Advocate, Virago Press, Billboard Magazine, Serino/Coyne, National Magazine, CNN Money Magazine, American Airlines


Martin O’Neill

Cut it Out

Martin O’Neill is an Irish and British illustrator and artist who creates collages for a wide range of International clients encompassing publishing, advertising, design & installation work. His work can be seen frequently in the UK and US press. He regularly exhibits his personal collages, sketchbooks and prints and is a visiting lecturer across the UK. He lives and works on England’s South East coast with his wife and two daughters.

His enigmatic textured images combine collage, silkscreen, photography, paint, and digital techniques. Years of hands on studio experimentation has resulted in his unique and instantly recognisable style of image making. He works from a large archive of found and self generated material and also works with stock and supplied imagery.

Tim Marrs

Tim Marrs is a graphic designer and illustrator who is known for his visually striking work which encompasses lots of different techniques. These techniques include drawings, photography, screen printing, Photoshop techniques and more. His technique is one of the most influential styles in modern illustration. He has also increasingly used Flash animation.

His work has a frenzied, hand made and dynamic look. However they are very carefully composed to emphasise this dynamism in terms of colour, composition and style. They have a mix of influences from American pop culture, pulp fiction novels, pop art to polish film posters and surrealism. He incorporates a range of subjects in his work, drawing inspiration from everyday images such as famous buildings, road signs and nature, presented in an abstract and original manner.


MOPAR Initial Test

Central Illustration Gallery

Animation on Bernstein and Andriulli

Link to Flash animation advert for Audi

including Pepsi, Nike, Maxim, Saatchi and Saatchi and Virgin, just to name a few.

Marrs is a BA graduate of Humberside University and Master of Arts ( MA) post grad of Central Saint Martins, London. His broad and flexible style has attracted a wide variety of commissions in advertising, publishing and Graphic design with worldwide clients including, Nike, Brand Jordan, Asics NYC marathon, Reebok, kswiss, Ogilvy and Mather, Saatchi and Saatchi, Geffen records, Publicis & Hal Riney and orion publishing to name but few.

Marrs lives in hastings, east sussex with partner shelley.

See article in Advanved Photoshop.

Geoff Grandfield


Geoff Grandfield is an award-winning British illustrator now living in London. He has worked with major newspapers and publishers since 1987. His work centres on the visual communication of ideas, narrative and atmosphere, influenced by the cinematography of film noir and the reductivism of modernist graphic art.

As an educator he has led BA Illustration at Middlesex University (1994-2005) and is currently Course Director and Associate Professor for BA Illustration Animation at Kingston University (since 2006).

As co-founder of ‘Mokita’ the illustration forum (since 2010), he has campaigned for the greater recognition of Illustration as a subject and its significance for international visual culture.


His work is characterised by carefully composed minimalist silhouettes and limited palette, exaggerated perspective and scale contrasts. The bold shapes and perspective have a very strong immediate impact. Other meanings and shapes are often hidden and it is only by following the lines that the meaning of images become revealed.

Working process

Caustic Cover Critic Interview

Grandfield draws with chalk pastel, usually the German make Schminke, and sometimes Talens. “When I work for black and white reproduction I use tones of grey. The tones have some ‘colour’ in them, but mostly I’m going by the weight and contrast between areas. Colour is another thing and I try to prioritise a particular set of colours for a result.” Since 2001 he has been using Photoshop to scan and prepare for reproduction, which in turn has changed the visual look of my work. He scans his originals at A4.


He was Already Dead


Towards the Houses


Covers and design

Home project


The man within


Therapy today


The Captain and the Enemy


The Honorary Consul


Our man in Havana


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