To be explored more for the natural oil painting. But from a brief trial I am not sure this is anything special compared to procreate or ArtRage. But it has been recently upgraded.

Inspire Pro is for natural art painting from Canada-based SnowCanoe’.


The best here I think are the oil painting and the very quick User Interface for this type of painting. The charcoal and other brushes were not as good as Procreate.

Canvas: High quality. Sizes and resolution customisable. Up to 8192 pixels and file size 33.6 mp.

Stylus: Apple pencil, sensui or fingers.

Layers: No. Builds up like a painting on canvas.

Brushes:  60 high-quality customisable brushes, divided into six sets: oil paint, airbrushes, basic shapes, graphite pencils, wax crayons and markers. dual textured brushes. These can all be used as a wet or dry brush (blender) or eraser. Paintload can be adjusted, bristle patterns rotated and subtle blur added. Opacity/pressure and size tools are easy to access.

Colour: Easy big colour wheel. Can pick colours from canvas

Video: Yes. 30fps

Gallery of paintings. No folders.

Art Examples

Both Photorealistic and dreamy Fantasy.

Tutorials and reviews


VERY preliminary experiments, curtailed by RSI. To be applied to relevant projects in the course. See Review.

ArtRage has a variety of brushes, pencils, crayons, rollers, and pastels. It has:

  • an interesting oil tube option, that can be smeared into a textured oil painting.
  • watercolour brushes which can produce some striking effects.
  • a variety of canvas presets and paper options that alter the texture of the brushes. These can be altered as an image progresses so that multiple textures can be applied in the same image.
  • roughness of  paper can be adjusted so your pencils can be used for soft shading.
  • range of Layer Blend Modes
  • photos can be imported and converted to oil for smearing or use as reference images, or trace over images.
  • paints can be mixed with one another on the canvas

Drawings can be recorded for later viewing on the desktop.

Tutorials from You Tube

Basic tutorial series from ‘the Theatre Professor’







Procreate artists


Ilya Tyljakov really beautiful  atmospheric landscapes and concept art, using his specially modified brushes.


Painting Effects

It is possible to create really beautiful watercolour and painting effects using modified brushes. Below are what I found to be the most atmospheric and innovative.

Realistic Portraits

Realistic painting tends to use the round brush and/or airbrush, building things up slowly with transparency to create very photorealistic effects.

Below: The subject matter is pretty cliche. But interesting use of underlying tonal drawing, then overlaying colour with blend modes.

Drawing and inking

 Architectural illustration from a photo

Manga and cartooning

Media tutorials

These all tend to use a similar soft fantasy style

Stefan de Groot  Dutch illustrator produces a lot of good tutorials, particularly on basic illustration and realistic painting, though I do not find his work as atmospheric and innovative.

James Julier realistic pencil sketches, fantasy art and landscape

Danny Glasgow landscape and fantasy

Austin Bachelor colours over line art.

Procreate Manual