Combine watercolour and acrylic techniques. Work dark to light or other way round. Washes and detail.

all about edges. Can work back in.

use mediums and then wash out. Print with kitchen towel and other surfaces. Lift off and blot out. Sgraffito.

texture and transfer effects. 


See also post Jonathon Leyton Vera

John laws
Youtube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ztXQvKMnhas

Good look at sketching with gouache and making little gesture studies. Uses dry brush scumbling.

Traditional gouache

Acrylic gouache

Aqyla gouache

Jonathon Leyton Vera

A Chilean illustrator who uses gouache for fine art painting.

Spanish website: http://www.lacroquerailustrada.cl

You Tube channel

His distinctive technique starts with wetting the paper on both sides to get an atmospheric wet-on-wet effect. He uses a lot of very fine brushstrokes. And of ten incorporates airbrush effects to soften backgrounds, get mists and light haloes.

Using Pentel poster colour

Using acrylic gouache


I also like his dreamy fantasy illustrations.

Martin O’Neill


Cut it Out

Martin O’Neill is a British illustrator and collage artist. His enigmatic textured images combine collage, silkscreen, photography, paint, and digital techniques. He works from a vast archive of found and self generated material and also works with stock and supplied imagery.

My favourite images – for their mysterious ambiguity: