Urban sketching: people

For basic figure drawing see: Figure Sketching


I realily like the very basic stylised figures here. An architectural illustrator.

This is a very basic stylised video, showing use of eyeline and basic principles of capturing people in a scene. I like the variation between ink outline, then others started in wash.

Teoh’s tips for sketching people on location – contour drawing and don’t keep moving your head up and down.

This one is just inking in already drawn people. But I like the style.

Realitime videos by Meridel L. Abrams following of how she copes with the various challenges of sketching on location.The first is very rapid sketching of shoppers in a parking lot. The second more stationary outside a restaurant. Both done from a car.



Fashion Illustration Techniques: Zoe Hong

A very thorough set of courses on Fashion Illustration

Using Croquis figures

Drawing figures: shapes and proportions

Drawing figures: fleshing it out

Different approaches: men and women

Female figures female

Male figures

Side figures: male

Front view faces

Different angles

Multiple media


Hair: colour pencils

Different styles





Wrap arounds

Drapes and Folds