2: Edit and Amend: Documentary of Place (June 2019)

This part focuses on ‘Documentary of Place’ as a multi-layered experience of place where ‘subjective’ and ‘objective’ elements interact. Whether image-making is based on illustration or photography and even where the aim is ‘objective documentary’ many choices are made in terms of what is communicated and how. In selection and treatment of what I draw and how I draw it I consider both ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ dimensions of:

  • Whose place? different perspectives and interests. Looking particularly at what might be meant by ‘the female gaze’ and ‘multiculturalism’
  • When place? places change over time – even over a few seconds – short term, long term, historical perspective and layers – the past is always present
  • Subjective perspectives:  exploration and deepening understanding over time and ways in which other people have translated what they see into images
  • Imagination:  how I want things to be and why. Selective erasure (eg cars and rubbish bins). Simplification and expressive representation.

Assignment 2a Edit: Walking St Ives

Assignment 2a revisits earlier work in St Ives for Illustration 1: Seven Days, and Printmaking 1 assignments on monporint, linocut and collagraph. It also draws on my work for Illustration 2: Critical review on iPad techniques.

I start by revisiting my sketchbooks for these earlier assignments and further developing some of the images in the light of Project 1.3: My Creative Design Toolkit to help me think through some of the documentary issues and themes I might explore further in the new work. And also to develop further specific media and iPad techniques suited to St Ives subject matter.

The final images are a set of iPad illustrations based on a new ‘7 Days’ sketchbook from a holiday in May 2019.

The final illustrations, together with some of the sketchbook work will be sent to stock image agencies to start to familiarise myself with that market.

It is envisaged that this project will be taken further in Assignment 5, following a further holiday later in the year as a set of fine art monoprints, linocuts and collagraph. Possibly produced as a book with text.

Assignment 2b Amend: East Anglia landscapes

Drawing on debates and a range of styles in landscape photography, this project focuses on photographs showing the ways in which Britain has been ‘landscaped’ by agriculture, industry and tourism. It also looks at the ways in which different photographic styles and forms of presentation affect meaning.

The focus for this assignment is on single image visual narratives where the main concerns are visual style and visual dynamics. I look at a number of series of new and existing landscape images with different visual dynamics and representing different issues for photographic shooting and processing style:

  • Orford
  • Southwold
  • West Runton and Sheringham
  • Burnham Overy Staithe
  • Snettisham and Hunstanto

Following the skills priorities indicated in my personal statement I focus on:

  • photography itself: the process of composing and image-making with iPhone and my Canon DSLR camera
  • different forms of colour, monochrome and split tone digital processing in Adobe Lightroom and NikFX
  • different photographic and artistic effects that can be produced in Photoshop

I start to investigate market possibilities for my photographs and submit selected images to stock image galleries.

I then further develop these series in Assignment 5.2 as:

  • Wish You Were Here fine art prints and cards
  • Different forms of narrative: Photobooks and animated slideshows with sound in After Effects
  • sequential narratives and different approaches to narrative
  • Selected images are then re-worked as and/or using scraperboard.