4: Audience: This England (March 2020)

Assignment 4 will develop a substantial new body of work around concepts of ‘Englishness’ in collaboration with National Trust and/or other organisations, with particular emphasis on the challenges posed by Brexit.

I aim to extend my photographic work across a range of audience-responsive formats :  photobook documentaries, fine art and documentary print making, cards and on-line animated and interactive experiences. Depending on initial audience feedback, I envisage new work on:

  • 4.1 ‘A Very British Day Out’ on Orford Ness in collaboration with National Trust?
  • 4.2 Norfolk by the Sea: Martin Parr-style photobook of seaside towns in winter and cards around social and environmental issues, particularly fragility of the coastline.
  • 4.3 Penwith Black and White: artist sketchbooks from St Ives and Penwith fishing and mining areas with Photobook and/or on-line experience on mining in collaboration with National Trust?. With selected images produced as documentary prints in different printmaking media focusing on the fragility of local livelihoods and the environment.
  • 4.4 Dark Peak White Peak: on-line animated photo experiences and documentary prints in different printmaking media with new work on social and environmental issues including textile and mining industries.

I will develop a eries of face-to-face and on-line feedback loops involving different audiences in:

  • content development – starting with Twitter and facebook discussions I will also involve local people (including friends) through interviews and conversations.
  • visual feedback – I will post drafts on-line and invite feedback from visual communication platforms for illustration, printmaking and photography.