4: Audience: This England (March 2020)

Assignment 4 looks at different ways of working with audiences to improve my work in terms of:

  • socio-political satire based initially on photographs and text, but then exploring how translating these images into different media like ink/iPad drawings/cartoons and printmaking media can enhance or alter meaning communicated to different audiences.
  • illustrated documentary books collating some of these images together with text and new images into narrative, drawing on information and discussion with local people and other relevant audiences. These will then be revised and improved through input from social networks.

My broad focus will be concepts of ‘England’ with particular emphasis on the changing and conflicting identities and interests that have underpinned debates around Brexit and visions for our countryside and environment. I develop and compare bodies of work from important tourist locations:

  • Lake Reflections: new photographs from Windermere, Ullswater and Derwentwater
  • TeeTotal Street : a new body of work based on photographs and interviews with people in St Ives from a holiday in November 2019 looking at life in the seaside tourist and art centre out of season. The resulting book will be photography-based, but also draw inspiration from the work of illustrators like Una in Becoming/Unbecoming, Ross Bollinger in ‘Scarfolk’ and Laura Oldfield in Savage Messiah.
  • The Great Escape: Aldeburgh, Suffolk drawing on my work in Shutterscapes and input from OCA East Anglia student group.