4: Audience: Zemni’s Cambridge (March 2020)

!!still to be decided

The project focuses on developing my artistic voice in relation to different types of audience. It is the beginnings of a financially necessary step towards finding different markets for my work in the longer term. Particularly as health concerns are starting to limit my travel.

I start with where I live in Cambridge, revisiting my earlier work: photography, printmaking, painting and sketching with an iPad and natural media in the light of what I now want to say about life and society.

I am not aiming to limit the types of audience I address, but to look at how the wide range of possible audiences (Cambridge/UK/overseas/on-line) for the type of work I want to produce as ‘local artist/photographer’ might shape difference outputs from the same bodies of work. I plan to develop a series of face-to-face and on-line feedback loops involving different audiences in:

  • content development – working with local networks and colleagues from different countries to help me update and understand better the content and meanings of the images from my life in Cambridge.
  • visual feedback – I will post drafts on-line and invite feedback from all my professional NGO networks as well as visual communication platforms for illustration and photography.

I am planning to take forward up to four bodies of work building on earlier projects and images that I think might have a potential local or wider audience and market:

  • 4.1 River Reflections: taking forward my work on Project 2.1 Bridge to produce a photo-book and series of fine art photographs and prints in different print-making media
  • 4.2 ‘Arcadia recycled’: collage, photomontage and prints taking forward work from Printmaking 2 from a more socio-political perspective.
  • 4.3 Cambridge Life: sketches and cartoons from life using iPad and natural media building on life sketches of cafe’s and recreational activities in Cambridge.
  • 4.4 Cambridge Seasons: photographs, prints and paintings building on work on seasons for Printmaking 1 and 2 and Illustration 2: Spirit of Place.