5: Presentation: Zemni 2021 (March 2021)

This final part of the blog reflects on what is now my ‘Zemni’ voice. It revisits, takes stock, refines and further extends my work around:

  • subjective and objective ‘documentary of place’
  • visual abstraction
  • creative process and audience participation

See Personal statement revisited for my reflections on where I am now in relation to my aims when starting the course and reflections on ways to present the various aspects of my practice in different media to different audiences.

Much of this will be ready for March 2021, but some elements eg printmaking and work in Cornwall can only be completed by September after the end of health risks from the COVID-19 pandemic.

5.1 Landscapes of Place Revisited 2:
finishing my work

In this final module I focus on finishing off and extending the most promising work so far as:

  • photographic and/or screenprints for cards, art prints or posters
  • on-line web galleries and/or photo-books and/or animated slideshows.
5.1.1: Cam Edgelands

reprinting some new images in different print media. May – September 2021 when print studios re-open

5.1.2 Norfolk by the Sea

Print media, including new photographs and prints of changes in coastline. May – September 2021 when print studios re-open

TeeTotal Street

Photobook updated during holiday in June in the light of COVID, Brexit outcomes and feedback from local people and others.


Photobook/s and/or giclee prints to be decided

5.2 Tales from the Edge

5.2.1 Diaries from the Edge: Aldeburgh 2009-2021

March 2021: life sketchbooks with drawings, ink/watercolour/gouache and photocollage/montage

5.2.2 Hast Thou Slain the Jabberwock?

March 2021: sketchbook, scraperboard and film noir moving image

5.2.3 Island

September 2021: sketchbook and animation

5.3 Portfolio

In addition to finalising the current blog, I have added relevant material from this module and other audience-relevant information on a number of on-line websites and networking sites. Specific links were given on the portfolio above.

  • zemniimages.com my professional SMUGMUG website which will be redesigned to link the different aspects of my graphic art, photography and printmaking practice.
  • zemniimages facebook page, twitter and instagram.
  • zemniimages blog and/or sub-blogs with attention to SEO requirements and including my posts on key inspiration and image making techniques that would attract visitors to my work (my Printmaking blog was successful in attracting 2,000 visitors a month without any promotion effort from me through visitor Google searches on collagraph, linocut and some printmakers)
  • gamechange blog, Facebook page and You Tube channel
  • stock photography, Behance and other marketing sites.
  • slideshow tasters on a new Zemni You Tube Channel.

Because of COVID it proved impossible to show physically at galleries and exhibitions planned for 2020 eg in Wymondham with OCA East Anglia Student group and/or exhibitions of Cambridge Camera Club. I had also intended to get audience feedback from visitors to campsites and Camping Club meetups in East Anglia, Cornwall and North of England.

Going forward I will send selected work to the various on-line commercial card and print marketing sites, and approach some of the tourist card and book shops in Cambridge, East Anglia, St Ives and Lake District and explore opportunities to present some of my printmaking at print exhibitions in Cambridge and elsewhere.

5.4 Reviewing my practice

This module has explored and developed my creative process – the choices I make in terms of what I want to communicate and how I establish that and how image design and technical aspects of the particular medium can enhance that communication. I have focused on a range of media:

  • Printmaking: photoscreen and cyanotype
  • Photography
  • Drawing and illustration in natural and digital media
  • Animation
  • Photobooks

I have also tried to reconnect with some of the more beautiful, funny and light-hearted aspects of life, as well as dealing implicitly or explicitly with some of the serious social and environmental issues we face in England as well as in countries like Philippines.

I summarise my conclusions about the best forms of presentation/ changes I still need to make and implications for my Creative Process and outline further possibilities to reach a wider range of audience and also markets whilst still maintaining my social and political voice.