Brushes was one of the very first drawing and painting apps for iPhone and iPad and has been used to create pieces of art by fine artists including David Hockney (see David Hockney’s description of the App in his iPad work on iPad and iPhone).

As an early Ap it was very simple, and used fingers or very basic stylus as this was before the days of pressure sensitivity.

Review 2012 byTim Gee

  1. Can produce a range of textures with the preset brushes
    The preset brushes within the app allow you to easily create different effects and textures. Plus you can create your own brushes and tweak the existing ones to get exactly the kind of effect you want.
  2. It’s easy to select the colour you want
    The app includes a colour wheel so you can easily find the right shade you’re after. Plus you can also set the transparency of your chosen colour to help create blending and give the impression of a lighter touch.
  3. Can undo and redo your actions
    If you make a mistake or decide against your latest stroke you can quickly and easily undo or redo actions without having to paint over and recreate whole sections of your piece.
  4. Watch your painting in action
    Once you’re done you can re-watch how you painted your picture and see the creative process in action. It’s not a particularly useful feature but it is fun.
  5. Easily share your masterpieces
    You can easily tweet, email, save or print your finished work from the app. This means everyone will get to enjoy your latest piece of art.

New Brushes Redux

This is the most recent version after change of management. But it remains very basic, does not respond well to pressure sensitivity, and is no longer at the cutting edge. Not recommended – unless it us substantially improved in any future update.