Ceramic Illustration

Image-making in ceramics is perhaps older and more established than illustration itself as a discipline. Ceramic decoration has a long and varied history from ancient Greece and China to the folk art traditions of British delftware. Today many artists and illustrators are re-discovering this rich legacy of image-making, which because of its utilitarian form is often overlooked.

Research point
Do some research into artists and illustrators who have used ceramics as a surface for their image-making. You might also want to look at ceramicists who have a strong link with imagemaking in their work. Find contemporary examples as well as exploring older ceramic traditions.
What sort of motifs feature regularly? Could you say there’s a visual language of ceramics?

Otley Pots Alex Sickling 2012 Jar with Rude Words
Grayson Perry (ceramic)

“I think hands-on traditional skills are very important in a visual arts world that is becoming increasingly weightless and slapdash. The digital generation need to have a go at something messy and difficult to remind them you cannot always change the world or build a career at the press of a button.” Grayson Perry 2009

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