To be explored more for the natural oil painting. But from a brief trial I am not sure this is anything special compared to procreate or ArtRage. But it has been recently upgraded.

Inspire Pro is for natural art painting from Canada-based SnowCanoe’.


The best here I think are the oil painting and the very quick User Interface for this type of painting. The charcoal and other brushes were not as good as Procreate.

Canvas: High quality. Sizes and resolution customisable. Up to 8192 pixels and file size 33.6 mp.

Stylus: Apple pencil, sensui or fingers.

Layers: No. Builds up like a painting on canvas.

Brushes:  60 high-quality customisable brushes, divided into six sets: oil paint, airbrushes, basic shapes, graphite pencils, wax crayons and markers. dual textured brushes. These can all be used as a wet or dry brush (blender) or eraser. Paintload can be adjusted, bristle patterns rotated and subtle blur added. Opacity/pressure and size tools are easy to access.

Colour: Easy big colour wheel. Can pick colours from canvas

Video: Yes. 30fps

Gallery of paintings. No folders.

Art Examples

Both Photorealistic and dreamy Fantasy.

Tutorials and reviews