In Process

James Victore

In 2005 the director David Hillman Curtis started making a series of short
films recording artists, designers, illustrators, and architects talking about their ideas and
process. One of these films featured the poster designer James Victore. Hillman said: 1
I chose to film James because of his posters. I didn’t know him or much about him at
the time, but I had seen a few of his pieces and had fallen in love with them. I also liked
that he was doing work that was politically subversive at a time – the height of the
Bush Administration’s popularity – when it seemed as if a lot of creative people were
too discouraged to do so. James was very outspoken during the interview, using foul
language and cussing out politicians. I kept this stuff in the film and lost Adobe as a
sponsor because of it.
Victore’s position comes across loud and direct with his statement, ‘Graphic Design is a club
with big f***king spikes in, and I want to wield it.’ His interest in social and political agendas
follows the same direction as Garland’s in orientating his work for more ‘useful’ objectives.

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