Orange 4 time motion sound

Orange 4 time motion sound

Orange 4 Time Motion Sound takes inspiration from David Carson. There is no motion blur filter in Illustrator. But using the text as a clipping mask makes the image look motion blurred. I started with Broadway text because of its association with dynamic glitz and sound. But finally chose Acumin Pro condensed black italic – it needed to be thick enough and slanted enough to show the image through. I then set the type to narrow tracking and leading, then resized the text block to the full width of the frame and horizontally centred. This produces a dynamic triangular bird-shaped block of text. I contrasted Magneto Bold for Caland’s name to preserve the sense of ‘magnetic’ motion.

Other variations experimented with different blurs on the clipped image, and also a blurred background. But these made the image less dynamic. Further possibilities to try would be manipulating the text as outlines.