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Photoshop Art Effects

Photoshop Art

Photographic creativity: colour, sharpness/focus, abstraction – NikFX and/or Lightroom and/or Camera Raw
Art brushes and filters – Photoshop/Corel Painter/ iPad
Masking and compositing – Photoshop

Monochrome Processes

Photographic plates
for printmaking

Screen printing/lithography duotone positives solarplate???

To prepare photographic positives for photoscreen and photolithography all digital images or photographs need to be converted to greyscale and printed in black ink only onto transparent film using an inkjet or laser printer. If an image contains greys it is better to darken them as they are likely to overexpose and not show up in the print.

Use CMYK? 8bit. Convert to bitmap. Output 700dpi. Method Halftone screen OK. Frequency 47 lines/inch, angle 30 degrees, Shape round.

Cyanotype negatives

Drawing/sketching and
cut-out styles for design

Jesus Ramirez Photoshop Channel
1) isolate model from background eg select subject and click on add mask. refine selection.make smart object.
2) Duplicate: original, base,
3) duplicate, invert .colour dodge blend. Gaussian blur filter eg 31.8. black and white adjustment layer Charcoal filter. blend mode multiply
4) Lines layer: duplicate BW, glowing edges,invert, multiply blend. levels. blend if to hide detail.
5) Fine tune with mask
6) Add some fine pencil lines with brush tile ultimate pencil
7) Can then replace the original image in the smart object and re-edit the smart filters
1) Create the surface and base image. Mask areas you do not want.
2) Pencil sketch filter Graphic pen . use blend if to vary blackness. Split slider. Decrease opacity. Add a bit of blur .3
3) New layer pencil outline Kyle Ultimate pencil. Clip layer to sketch, so is never darker than under sketch. Can turn off pencil layer top follow the underlying photo if wsnt.
Normal colour dodge approach: BW, BW, copy, invert, blend colour dodge, filter Gaussian Blur
His approach:
Smart Object layer ‘Shadows’
#3 filters: Copy, Gaussian Blur, High Pass, Sketch/notepaper 0 0 25 Levels adjust
Shadows layer: charcoal filter. multiply.
Can add paper texture. Multiply.
Can change image.
Colin Smith Photoshop cafe
1) Duplicate layer CSU black and white Colour Dodge. Gaussian Blur
2) Duplicate again invert
3) Combine to layer group and duplicate. Blur top layer even more. Blend top group to darken. Reduce opacity in top layer
4) Duplicate top layer group increase top blur a lot. Add layer mask, fill black and paint in. Largeish brush 30%. Additional details in face and hair.
5) Select everything SACE for sharpening mode. Overlay blend. High Pass.

Text portraits


Coloured pencil/pastel effects

Tony Harmer ‘The Design Ninja’ approach.
Uses 1 Smart Object layer
1) Gaussian blur. dial in large value (eg 50) Divide blend mode
2) CRaw filter. Black and white.
3) Can add glowing edges. Subtract blend.
4) Oil paint filter
5) fine tune with local effects using CRaw adjustment brush on new layer
6) Can change the image through re-linking the base file.
Uses brushes and masks.

Oil/Smudge Painting



consist of:

has a very delicate effect due to the preparation of the photographic image and colour/saturation/tone adjustments on final image.
more saturated and sharper image due to preparation of photo.
darker image because of tone of paper.

Pop Art silkscreen effect

Mimics silkscreen process:

black and white simplification of photos flat/grayscale/halftone as in photoscreen

overlaying blocks of vivid flat colour. Imprecise, off-register and texturing for ink imperfections.

Uses levels for black and white. Then paint out different portions of the black and white image to separate layers. Then paint in colours.

Uses levels for black and white. Paints in greyscale on layers to separate elements. Then uses hue saturation filter to colorise. Can quickly get many alternative iterations.
Uses skart objects and halftone filter. Can easily swap the image and get the same effect.
Uses threshold filter for BW. Takes out all greys. Less control but bolder look. Gradient map. Texture overlay.



Cartoon Effects


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