1: Bridge Edgelands, Cambridge

The River Cam is just down the road from my house and an area where in normal times I walk nearly everyday for exercise.

Part of my motivation to focus on the Bridge in Assignment 5 because it shows a body of work around peri-urban ‘sublime and grunge’ and concerns about poverty, alienation and pollution in the UK where I live. To balance work on these concerns in contexts like Kyrgyzstan where I am an outsider. And attention to the less than beautiful aspects could be misinterpreted.

Compare Photoscreen and photography. Black and White/colour. Lens profile correction realism/staged.

Assignment 2.1 Edit:
Bridge Printscapes

Assignment 2.1 Edit: Bridge Printscapes uses images of the A14 Road Bridge across the River Cam where I walk every day to revisit a natural landscape lithograph print produced for Printmaking 2 Natural Landscapes .

The project extends this earlier work across a number of dimensions:

  • thematically/Voice placing landscape printmaking in the context of the literature on psycho-geography and Edgelands drawing on socio-political landscape photography work (using different images) looking at identities and change on the River Cam: Grassy Corner and Bench on my Landscape Photography blog.
  • technically through significantly developing my photo-based printmaking (specifically photoscreen and duotone processing in Photoshop).
  • creatively through looking at the different visual messages conveyed for the same image in different media, and how exploration of a range of media can inspire new approaches and styles in other media.

I thought Photoscreen would be very effective for these images because of their very grungy appearence. I had done some screenprinting before using stencils and drawing, but not Photoscreen.

See Photoscreen Printing post

!! more about Photoscreen experience.- Very difficult to judge how the duotone image from Photoshop will actually print. Need a lot more experience in the toning etc. Develop further in Assignment 5.1 Norfolk.

This is part of a longer term body of environmental and social documentary work in different media about ‘Cam Edgelands’ that is central to my practice going forward. This potentially has a local as well as wider market as eg part of submission to Cambridge Open Studios and more socially-interested Cambridge residents and tourists. Unfortunately due to the COVID pandemic print studios were closed 2020 to 2021. So I was unable to pursue this further in this module.

Annotated Slideshow of Paper and Printing Experiments

5.1 Bridge Urbex Grunge Photography

Bridge 1: Power Queen

Annotated Slideshow of Image Experiments

Bridge 2: Icicles

Bridge 3: Landscape with Reflections

Bridge 4: Runner

Bridge 5: Pylon

Assignment 5.2
Bridge Edgelands Urbex Photobook