2.1.1 A14 Road Bridge: 100 selects

As the A14 Road Bridge is a place I have walked nearly every day for many years, I have over 1000 images going back to 2009, including a number I want to keep for historical or documentary reasons or because they might be useful for painting and illustration, even if they were not all technically good as photographs.

For this documentary project I sorted the images into capture time to get some sense of how things have changed over the years, then by month and season to get an overview of whether different activities were specific to certain months or how activities like fishing might differ through the year. From this process I then selected what I thought were the best 150 photographs that I thought had most impact as photographs (some cropped) and represented different aspects of life under and around the Bridge and converted these in Lightroom to BW high contrast preset. Narrowing the selection further to 100 images that were most interesting in terms of different lighting, composition, tone and texture. With these I experimented with other Black and White presets – ‘Punch’ lightened the whites and gave a sunnier look, in some images like those of mist a softer, flatter preset worked best.

100 Selects by order of capture date