2.1.2 Bridge: Creative photographic software experiments

In preparation for the Photoscreen I explored different software treatments in Lightroom and Nik SilverFX.

Experiments 1: Power Queen

The image I find most iconic from the Bridge series is ‘Power Queen’ with its grungy graffiti, wire and litter that is transformed into something quite magical by lighting under the bridge. This image required least experimentation.

Experiments Photoscreen 2 Light on the Bridge

The second image that focuses on the magical light I experimented with a lot more as part of my learning process for Lightroom and Silver FX.

Colour process in Lightroom

Black and white exploration in Lightroom

SilverFX tonal exploration

SilverFX antique plate

SilverFX pinhole effect


Experiments Photoscreen 3: Winter Landscape

For the third image I selected for its combination of light and shapes my experiments were more subtle, looking at the relationships of contrast and definition between the different elements of light and landscape.

Photoscreen 4: Runner

In this fourth image the issue is obviously the light on the runner and the degree to which this is accentuated or distracted by amounts of detail in the lighting on the bridge. I wanted the light on the bridge to be like a flame that echoed the light around the runner.

Photoscreen 5: Pylon

In the fifth image I experimented with different crops. I was also interested in the amount of detail in the splash of light and the tone/contrast of the ripple in the water.

Other experiments

I also experimented with some of the other images that other people though might be suitable for further Photoscreens for a local audience.


Over the summer after the University rowers have left, there is a lot of fishing on the river. Some of it legal through the Angling Club. Some of it ‘informal’. A lot of migrant workers come from Roumania and other European countries to work on the farms. They often fish for their tea.

Rusted cycle

There are always rusty cycles pulled out from the river propped against fences or lying under the bridge. A bit of a contrast to the ‘respectable bike’ photos of Cambridge town from the tourist post cards.

Mist on trees

This image has a Japanese feel – like some of the theatre images of Hiroshi Sugimoto.