2.2.1 Orford Marshes, Suffolk

Orford Marshes in the photographs here lie along a public footpath from Orford Quay along the side of the Ore Estuary. It is quite a desolate place along the inland edge opposite the National Trust Reserve of Orford Ness (See 5.2 Wish You Were Here: Orford Ness)

This project was concerned with digital processing in Lightroom and Silver FX to develop interesting textural photographs in colour, monochrome and split tone. Exploring the ways in which processing affects the reading of the image.

My focus here was Lightroom and Silver FX. For the images so far accepted as stock photos on Shutterstock see Shuttertock Orford Marshes gallery. Feature image was my first ever Shutterstock sale – all of 0.25c – to someone from Isleham in Suffolk.

Original colour images

Developed in Lightroom – further develop in Viveza??


Developed in Lightroom and Silver FX. Look at other black and white interpretations in Silver FX – including vintage like Peter Emerson.


In Silver FX. Feature image was my first sale – all of 0.25c – to someone from Isleham in Suffolk. I could explore this style more for these images.

Split Tone

Try Split Tone in Lightroom.