3.3 Developing content: Love and other Islands

Using the principles of collage, juxtapose a series of images and captions. The images could be photographs, illustrations you’ve created yourself or found material. You could take the captions from existing sources or develop them in response to the images. Try and develop work that makes the most of the collision between what is shown and what is said. You can play this for laughs, political subversion or work in a more open-ended way.

Inspired by Baldessari and Ruscha.

Collage takes things from here and there and puts them together. “Collage is when two things don’t go together too easily. If it’s right there’s a kind of tautness there that if you pull them apart any further it’ll snap. If you get them any closer it’ll be just flabby. But if you can get it just right it’s terrific.” John Baldessari

Coast Path

This series was inspired by Fay Godwin’s images of fragility and the contrast between craggy ancient granite rocks and vulnerable plant life – vulnerable to climate as well as the big feet of tourists. This is a theme I want to work on a lot more. Reading also the work of Barbara Hepworth who did many drawings along this coast.

Series 2 Love Lost

Series 3 Love island

Series 4 Say it With Flowers: Calla Lilly

Symbolism from Teleflora: During the Victorian period in the 19th century, there was a flower language boom that meant certain flowers were associated with expressing particular feelings. That means that sending someone a bouquet delivered a very specific message based on the flowers’ meaning. There was no need for words – the recipient could decipher the intended message merely by the blossoms chosen and the way they were arranged. 

Symbolism: the name comes from a Greek word ‘kalla’ for beauty. It is also known as the pig lily, trumpet lily and arum lily. “The exquisite calla lily is an appropriate flower for any occasion that involves major transitions, rebirths and new beginnings.” Used at weddings as traditional symbols of divinity, marital bliss and true devotion, and the calla lily marks the 6th wedding anniversary. Used at funerals they represent sympathy and the purification of a departed soul. https://blog.teleflora.com/what-do-calla-lilies-represent/